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Remote Desktop Web Access

Connecting to Remote Desktop Web Access

Remote Desktop Web Access allows users to access their files and specific Academy applications from anywhere in the world using only Internet Explorer (Chrome, Safari & FireFox are not supported)

In order to access this you must load up Internet Explorer and enter the following URL into the address bar – https://remote.greenwoodacademy.org/RDWeb

When the page has loaded you will see a prompt at the bottom to enable ‘Active X’ –

Click ‘Allow’.

Once you have done this you can then enter your Academy username in the following format - greenwood\username followed by your password. Choose the appropriate option from the security section and hit ‘Sign in’.

If you have entered your details correctly you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below. This is where you are able to access all of the Remote Apps that are available to you.

Click on the App you wish to access and you will be receive a prompt to connect. Simply click ‘connect’ and enter your username and password again in the format used when you made the initial connection. This can take some time to complete depending on your Internet connection speed and the usage of the server.

When using the Office Applications you will automatically be given access to open, edit and save work from your Academy files (My Home). You will also have access to Common. If you wish to access and navigate through your files directly clicking on the ‘Mapped Drives’ application will allow you to do this.

If you wish to use full Remote Desktop – click on the ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ application and this will launch and allow you to login directly to the Remote Access Server. (Does not apply to Pupils)