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Dance is an expressive and creative subject which allows young people to explore and enquire new skills through practical exploration. It can develop a young person’s interpersonal skills as well as building self-esteem and raising their confidence.


At KS3 pupils will have four lessons of Dance per fortnight for nine weeks of the year. During this period pupils will participate in 3 schemes of work, they will look into cultural and professional dances across the world. There are three aspects to dance: Performance, Composition and Appreciation. These three areas give them the skills, knowledge and understanding required to successfully go onto stage of their development which is a GCSE in Dance.


GCSE Dance is an option which they get to pick in Year 10, the duration of this course is two years. The examining board for GCSE Dance at Greenwood Academy is AQA. This course is now 80% Practical and 20% Theory which consists of a one hour exam. The written exam (Unit one) is based on two professional dance pieces, they will focus on critical analysis and their understanding of the dance pieces chosen. The practical element to this GCSE is made up of three more units.

Unit Two: Set Dance

This is a solo performance, pupils are required to learn a set dance of a minute long. Pupils will demonstrate their physical competence and effectiveness as performers and their knowledge of safe working practice.

Unit Three: Performance in a Duo/Group.

This is based on a Professional work, there must be three clear links to the chosen work. This performance must last between three to three and a half minutes. During this unit pupils must show an awareness of sensitivity to other performers as well as demonstrating their technical and expressive capabilities.

Unit Four: Choreography.

Solo Composition Task One: Pupils will learn three motifs from a Professional work, they will be required to develop and structure these motifs to make a solo dance.

Solo or Group Choreography: Pupils in this unit will be required to create a dance from scratch. They must decide their own stimulus, music and create and structure the whole dance by them-self.

Career Opportunities

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Dance Journalist, Dance Therapist, Masseuse, Administrator or you could work behind the scenes on productions as all this knowledge is beneficial when working within the performing arts and filming industry.