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The course followed is a Modern History course.

Modern History


Controlled Assessment
Pupils will study a topic called ‘Modern World Study’ which will focus on current attitudes in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics and the history behind it. After following a short scheme of work, pupils will put together an essay plan which they will then take in to write their controlled assessment, answering one question. This will take place under exam conditions during class time (8 hours.) 

Students will study the following topics:
Germany 1918 - 1945
Whilst studying this popular course, you will understand the social and political upheavals in Germany from the end of the First World War up to the start of the Second World War. You will understand how Hitler charmed a nation, what life was like for German citizens and key features of the oppressive Nazi regime.

Medicine Through Time
Throughout history humans have tried to cure illness. In this unit we trace the history of medicine from cave dwellers to the high tech surgery of the present day. In the course of the study we find out why cave dwellers drilled holes in their heads, how a surgeon managed to kill three people in one operation and why a doctor put small boys in leather bags and plunged them into warm water.

Surgery 1845-1918
This unit of work focuses completely on source skills. In lesson you will be taught how surgery developed over time and how to analyse historical sources. The exam will focus on how you use sources to answer a question about the past.

Journalism, accountancy, media, the law, teaching, secretarial and business or as a general qualification for any career.