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Mathematics is taught to all pupils throughout their five years at the school. All pupils are grouped based on their ability which is ascertained through KS2 results as well as through our own rigorous testing on arrival and during their time with us.

Pupils in year 7 and 8 now follow our new KS3 levelled scheme. This scheme teaches each group based on their starting level. It then allows them to cover the topics at and just above this level. This method enables pupils to learn at their level along with their peers. At the end of every half term there is a formal assessment to monitor the pupils progress.

In years 9, 10 and 11 the pupils study for the GCSE exam; following the Edexcel linear course. 100% of the pupils’ final grade is assessed through examination, allowing a complete focus throughout the three years. Each pupil is set based on their current grade and their predicted grade. Each pupil is pushed to reach their full potential by being taught by specialist teachers along with strong interventions such as after school clubs (most notably the ever popular ‘A-Team’). 

The Team
Mr A. White
Mrs. M. Sethi
Mr. J. McGrane
Mrs. L. Dove
Mr D. Kilmister
Mr J. Harkness
Mr M. Bruton
Mr S. Adedire
Mrs. T. Jenner
Maths clubs


Years 9 and 10 – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Miss Delbrocco)
Year 11 – Wednesday and Thursday (Mr Thacker)

After school revision – 

Mr Bruton’s Year 11s – Tuesday
Mr Hodgkiss’ Year 11s – Wednesday and Thursday

Your life after Greenwood

Mathematics is an intrinsic part of everyday life and permeates into many careers that you may not have considered. A C grade in GCSE Mathematics is crucial to opening the doors into many sectors but a mathematical mind is even more important.

Want to find out what type of career you could be working in? Barely anyone who loves maths ends up being a mathematician.