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Amazing People

posted 28 Jun 2013, 01:59 by Google Google   [ updated 28 Jun 2013, 01:59 ]
A group of year nine students were able to see the world through a new pair of eyes and came face to face with some of the amazing people who changed our world.

The Amazing People Club has launched a demonstration version of their new educational multimedia platform ‘Amazing People World’. Students and teachers were the first to trial this unique classroom resource.

Part interview, part biography, BioViews® enable teachers to bring inspiring people like Columbus, Michelangelo, Shakespeare and Curie direct to the classroom via ‘avatars’ in The Amazing People World, which come to life on the interactive whiteboard, laptop or iPad.

BioViews were developed by educational psychologist Dr Charles Margerison to make the lives of amazing people more accessible. The amazing people ‘avatars’ shared their stories and gave the students insights into the obstacles they had to overcome to achieve success. These inspirational stories can help raise aspirations and enable educators to counteract negative role models with positive ones.

The school has really embedded amazing people into the school ethos this year. Every corridor and display board is bursting with inspirational quotes and advice from amazing people throughout history. It has helped students to see that amazing people also faced obstacles and that success is often hiding just round the corner.

Mr Ruth Jones, who led a Geography lesson using Amazing People World felt the ‘BioViews had worked extremely well, students really engaged with the resource, it brought their learning to life more than a standard textbook.’

Penny Alexander, from the Education Team at The Amazing People Club® said: ‘It was an exciting morning where the amazing people of the past came face to face with the amazing people of the future. The students really engaged, not just with the facts about Columbus and Michelangelo, but with their personalities, emotions and back stories. It is amazing to see how the school has used the legacies of amazing people to inspire learning.’