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Barclays Money Skills

posted 28 May 2014, 00:02 by Rob Jukes   [ updated 28 May 2014, 00:02 ]

Numeracy Activities in May at Greenwood Academy – Helping pupils to learn how to manage their financial life in future.

Greenwood Academy organised a workshop on Money skills for years 7 and 8 from 19th May to 22nd. This workshop was sponsored by Barclays Bank in collaboration with AET. The Money skills curriculum was designed to teach students how to look after their money now and encourage healthy financial habits for the future. It consists of different interesting activities which our students enjoyed.

Activity one: Money personality quiz
Pupils were made aware of different approaches to situations that require a financial decision.

Activity two: Budgeting
Pupils were taught how to make the most of their money. This activity was to help pupils understand the importance of budgeting, how it can help them with money management and explore the importance of healthy spending habits both now and in the future.

Activity three : Chris and Joe budget
Pupils were asked to work in pairs. They were given the income and expenditure for two fictitious people. The pupils’ tasks were to balance their accounts and also to suggest ways in which Chris and Joe could avoid running into debt; taking into consideration their income and expenditure.

Activity four: Let’s party
This activity allowed students to demonstrate what they had learnt in relation to money skills, especially budgeting.

The feedback received at the end of the workshop was very positive. One pupil said ‘We have learnt something new and we feel more confident with money issues and we strongly agree that Maths is useful in everyday life.’