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Best Ever GCSE Results!

posted 21 Aug 2014, 06:29 by Rob Jukes   [ updated 21 Aug 2014, 06:44 ]

Best Ever GCSE Results with more students achieving top grades than ever before.

Greenwood Academy continues to improve. This year 56% of students have achieved the benchmark 5A*C including English and Maths, an increase on 2012/13 results.

More students achieving top grades than ever before

In total, 11% of all students at Greenwood achieved and A* or A grade in both English and Maths, with a third of all students achieving an A* to B grade in either subject.

A third of students achieved at least one A* or A grade across all subject areas representing a significant increase on any previous results.

Students making better progress than ever before.

66% of all Year 11 students made expected progress in maths with 25% exceeding expected progress. In English, these figures are even higher with over 91% making expected progress and 51% exceeding expected progress and achieving the top grades.

Our teachers have worked relentlessly with our students. Whilst much emphasis is placed on the performance of Maths and English, there were also some incredible results in non-core subjects. My thanks goes to all staff for their hard work and on-going commitment.

These extraordinary results are a testament to the incredible young people of Greenwood Academy who have unequivocally proven that they have the ability, mentality and desire to succeed and in some cases overcome extremely challenging personal circumstance to achieve personal success.

There were some excellent individual student performances. Of particular note are:

Jayden Lee-Mcafferty: 4 x A*, 4 x A, 2 x B
A* - English Lit, English Language, Biology, Media,
A – Business Studies, Chemistry, Geography, Maths
B – Further Maths, Spanish

Melissa Wright: 2 x A*, 5 x A, 3 x B
A* - English Language, English Literature,
A – Spanish, RE, Maths, ICT, Citizenship,
B – Sociology, Further Maths, Biology,

Taylor Billings: 1 x A*, 6 x A, 4 x B
A* - Citizenship,
A – Business Studies, Chemistry, English Language, Maths, RE, Spanish,
B – Biology, English Literature, Geography, Physics,

Siyan King: 3 x A*, 3 x A, 3 x B
A* - Maths, English Language, English Literature,
A – Spanish, Business Studies, Art
B – Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology,

Aaron Leedham: 1 x A*, 4 x A, 3 x B
A* - Maths,
A – Further Maths, English Language, English Literature, Citizenship,
B – Sociology, RE, Chemistry,

Heidi Walford: 1 x A*, 4 x A, 3 x B
A* - English Language
A – English Literature, Maths, Media Studies, Hospitality
B – Catering, Biology, Modern History

Other notable successes go to Rashid Mohamed who achieved an A** (Double Star!) in Further Maths GCSE and A* in Maths, with James Casey achieving an A* in both subjects, and 95% across both Maths exams.

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to parents and the wider Castle Vale community for keeping their faith in Greenwood Academy.

These results represent a significant step toward our goal of providing you an outstanding school that you can be confident in, and proud of; a school at the heart of the community.

Join us on our journey to Outstanding.

There are a small number of places available at the Academy for 2014/15. If you would like your child to join us, please call 0121 464 6101 and we will be happy to arrange a tour of the Academy and a chance to meet some of our fantastic students.

H French