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Emergency Closure Letter

posted 2 Dec 2013, 00:40 by Rob Jukes

Dear Parent/Carer 
Given the time of year and the increased risk of adverse weather conditions, I am writing to you about the procedure for ‘emergency evacuation/closure’ should the need arise. 
We have reviewed our emergency evacuation procedure and we believe that our arrangements will allow us to evacuate the Academy much more quickly and efficiently if necessary. We ask you to complete the form attached to this letter, the details of which we will use to instruct students of their course of action. If we do not receive a reply, the Academy will assume that you give your child permission to make their own way home. 
If an emergency evacuation/closure should occur, please be aware of the following points: 
  • In instances where parents/carers have indicated that their child should be released we will send a text message to the priority contact informing you of our intention to close. This will also indicate the time your child will be released.
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT MESSAGES WILL ONLY BE SENT TO THE PRIORITY CONTACT ON OUR SYSTEM. If unsure, please contact us to check that we have the correct details.
  • During an emergency evacuation, the Academy site will ONLY have vehicular access for taxis (this is for health and safety reasons).
  • We request that parents do not attempt to contact the Academy during an evacuation (unless absolutely urgent) as this restricts our access to telephone lines.
  • Your child should make contact with you in the event of an evacuation, once he/she has reached their place of safety.
  • Please ensure that the Academy has up to date and accurate contact details in case we need to make urgent contact with you.
Please see the attachment to this letter and complete and return to the Academy Reception as soon as possible. Please note that if the Academy is closed the following radio station should make an announcement:
  •  BRMB/Free Radio  
Yours faithfully
Alan Maddox
Vice Principal

Rob Jukes,
2 Dec 2013, 00:40