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Parent Forum

posted 4 Nov 2014, 07:05 by Rob Jukes   [ updated 4 Nov 2014, 07:06 ]

4th November 2014

Dear Parents & Carers,

Invitation to attend a Parent/Carer Forum at Greenwood Academy

As Greenwood Academy continues to develop I am writing to all parents to offer an opportunity to help us contribute to our journey by joining a ‘Parent/Carer Forum’.

The Parent Forum will give parents and carers a relaxed and informal place to meet with staff from Greenwood Academy to share their views on how things are going at the academy and how we can improve. In particular the Parent Forum aims to:
  • Develop a partnership between Greenwood Academy and parents/carers in order to support and promote learning and teaching. 
  • Give parents/carers a voice and to provide a channel through which they may raise general issues with the Principal and the Governing Body. 
  • Provide a mechanism through which the Principal and the Governing Body may consult and inform parents/carers. 
  • The Parents’/Carers’ Forum is used as an advisory and consultative body only. Strategic decision-making rests with the Governing Body and the operational management with the Principal and the Academy Senior Leadership Team. 
  • The Parent’/Carers’ Forum is not used for individual complaints and issues. Concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or teachers will not be discussed. 
The Forum will meet with the Principal and other members of academy staff once each term. The first Parent/Carer Forum meeting has been scheduled to start at 4.00pm on Tuesday 9 December 2014.

Reserve Your Place

We would be grateful if you could complete and return the attendance slip attached via your child’s Form Tutor. Alternatively please e-mail if you would like to attend.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry French


Parent/Carer Forum, Tuesday 9th December at 4.00pm

Name of student: ______________________ Year group: _________________

Your Name: _____________________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________

I will be attending the meeting [  ] Please inform me of future meetings [  ] 

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