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Piercings and Dyed Hair Letter 15.02.13

posted 28 Jun 2013, 02:11 by Google Google   [ updated 28 Jun 2013, 02:12 ]
Reference: ST/DC

Dear Parent/Carer


Piercings and Dyed Hair

I am writing to clarify the school’s position over our expectations in respect of the above.

Facial piercings are not allowed, as is standard practice in many schools.  If students have had such piercings carried out previously, then sufficient healing should have taken place to allow piercings to be removed during the school day.  Clear plastic ‘jewellery’ is not acceptable.

This stance is well known to the vast majority of our students.

Hair dyed anything other than natural colours is not acceptable.  However, I understand that the school has not previously stated this and so there has to be some flexibility on my part.  In short, students who have not previously dyed their hair unnatural colours should not do so.  With regard to the small number of students who have already dyed their hair unnatural colours, they should resolve the matter by the beginning of the Summer Term.

Alongside these specific issues, I would ask for your support generally over all aspects of standards and appearance.  I strongly believe this is an important issue to address as we seek to achieve our ambition to be recognised as a ‘Good School’.

Should you wish to contact me further over this please do not hesitate to do so.

Yours sincerely

S Turney (Mr)