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School Expectations

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31st January 2013

Dear Parent / Carer

Clarity over expectations of Greenwood Academy

Having now been Headteacher at Greenwood Academy for three weeks I felt it appropriate to share with you my initial thoughts about the school as well as my ambitions for the immediate future.

Clearly the school has endured some difficult times over the last 12 months and this has had an impact on everybody connected to the school, students, staff and yourselves as parents.  As a result our overall effectiveness must be developed through improving the level of trust and respect that exists between us.

In order to achieve this, my professional experience tells me that two things fundamental to high quality education must be in place.

Firstly, the provision of excellent teaching and learning in the classroom must be seen throughout the school.  In order to achieve this we will be working hard with all of the teaching staff to improve and develop their practices, lessons must be well planned and delivered in such a way as to engage and motivate the students, helping them to make progress whilst at the same time enjoying their learning.   There is evidence of this already across the school to build upon.

Secondly, what we must ensure is that there is good behaviour from the students, and to be truthful this is not always apparent.  I have witnessed some challenging behaviour, and in particular around the school, between lessons, at lunchtime and after school.  A few of the students are both physically and verbally abusive towards each other, and towards adults in and around school.  THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE.  Everybody must be able to come into school free from fear.  I have absolutely no doubt that you as parents would not accept the behaviour that some of your children display if it were targeted at you.

So, in short, my immediate ambitions for the school are simple.

  1. To ensure that standards of teaching and learning are good.


  1. To ensure that standards of behaviour are good.


We both, as headteacher and parents, have a very clear role to play in achieving these ambitions and your expectations of me should be as demanding as mine will be of you, and you must feel free to contact me should you so wish.

I look forward to meeting with many of you in due course, and particularly with regard to ensuring that standards at Greenwood Academy start to rise immediately.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Turney