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Uniform Letter from December 2016 - repost

posted 9 Feb 2017, 08:06 by Helen Lander

Dear Parents

Following my recent letter on 11 November 2016 about consulting on the standards of uniform for preparing our students to be ‘Interview Ready’, I wanted to remind all parents and carers that the deadline for returns on this consultation is Wednesday 4 January 2017.  We believe It is important to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity to feedback their opinions on the proposed improvements to the standards of uniform for the start of our new school buildings and would encourage you to do so.

The removal of exceptions to the shoe policy of ALL TRAINERS will ensure that all students will be ‘interview ready’ and will support parents in not being locked in to buying very expensive branded trainers.  We have noted the excessive pressure being placed on parents by students not in the exempted trainers to purchase these expensive fashion trainers and believe the removal will support parents to ensure all students are in shoes of the correct size and not excessively priced.

With this letter we have included some guidance posters on the shoes that would be regarded as ‘interview ready’ and the shoes that would not be acceptable under the proposed changes. 

With the last week of term upon us, I would request you continue to support our efforts in maintaining our current expectations of uniform standards at Greenwood ensuring your children wear correct uniform.  I would particularly point out that it is unacceptable to wear any denim, fabric trainers and hoodies under the school blazer. 

During the last week we will be focusing on ensuring that the uniform is correct and informing students and families where appropriate of items that need to be addressed ready for next term.

Thank you for your continuing support.