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Autism Resource Base

The Autism Resource base supports students on the autistic spectrum and is based in the heart of Greenwood Academy.

The Resource base is managed by SENCO and Head of base Mrs Kat Dockery and supported by 2 lead practitioners, Miss Laura Rickards and Miss Natalie Wells and 2 ASD teaching Assistants, Miss Gemma Yates and Miss Jenny Maddox who are level 2 AET trained in Autism awareness.

Staff in the resource base work closely with the SEN department in school and with external agencies such as the communication and autism team. Here at Greenwood we work closely with local primary schools to help with the transition from primary to secondary school to run as smooth as it possibly can at this important mile stone in a child’s life.

The students attached to the base access a balanced, varied and highly personalised curriculum. Lead Practitioners also deliver interventions alongside mainstream lessons such as English,Maths,Science,Lifeskills,Exam Preperation,Speech and Language and Duke of Edinburgh preparation to name but a few.

Our students take an active part in school life such as engaging with peers and enjoying school trips.

During unstructured time such as break time, lunchtime and before and after school the base is open with staff to support the students whether it be help with homework or just a chat about how the day is going.

We welcome any enquiries about the Autism Resource base and feel free to call 01214646101.If you would like a tour of the resource base.

We look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards
The Autism Resource base Team