The Greenwood Academy uniform is one of the outward signs by which the local community recognises and makes judgments about students.

It is important for the students and the Academy that the way the students present themselves is positive and acceptable. It is expected that all students come to the Academy every day in neat, clean uniform, giving a message that our students take pride in belonging to Greenwood Academy.

  • Straight leg black trousers (no leggings, skinny jeans or trousers or tight lycra trousers)
  • School skirt (black). Must be knee length 
  • White Shirt / blouse 
  • Black blazer with embroidered logo 
  • Academy Tie 
  • Hijabs must be plain black with no designs or embellishments 
  • Plain black socks or tights 
  • Plain white polo shirt with logo 
  • Black shorts 
  • Academy top with logo
  • Coloured hair extensions, excessive hair colouring and excessive accessories will not be permitted
  • Facial or tongue piercings are not allowed and only one small stud in each ear can be worn
  • Designs shaved into hair or shaved eyebrows are not allowed 
  • Make up if worn must be subtle 
  • Acrylic nails or brightly coloured nail varnish will not be permitted 
  • Wrist bands are not permitted 
  • Blazers must be worn at all times unless permitted to do otherwise 
  • Outdoor coats are not allowed to be worn in the building 
  • Hooded tops or hats are not allowed and should not be brought onto the school site 
  • Plain, formal black leather shoes must be worn by all students. No trainers (shoes with obvious logos or decoration), boots or excessive high heels. 

All students must carry a school bag, big enough to carry a planner, books and A4 folder, pencil case, calculator and PE kit.

Electronic Items

Mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets must not be switched on or visible in the building. If this rule is broken, items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.