Community Performing Arts

At Greenwood Academy our award winning performing arts provision provides students with an opportunity to engage in and excel in a range of art forms. Our wide and varied program opens doors for pupils to perform as individuals and in groups, often alongside members of the wider community through events like Castle Vale’s Got Talent and Estate of the Arts. Our annual school production attracts a huge percentage our of students and in both of the last two years have won the Columba Trophy for Theatrical Productions. The impact the arts has on individuals not only develops their skills in performance but also helps to build confidence and self-esteem which impacts positively in other areas of school. 

Camp Rock

Castle Vales Got Talent 2015

Grease 2014

Castle Vales Got Talent 2014

CCVP 2014

Hairspray 2013

Estate Of The Arts 2014

Hex @ Wembley 2014