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Law A-Level

Aims of the Subject

A-Level Law gives you an understanding of how the legal system works. It is a popular and interesting subject that helps students to deal with complex problems whilst learning about the world around them. The course is split into 4 equally weighted units, covering a range of core legal issues that are also compulsory at degree level, so A-level law gives you a great head start if you are considering this subject at University. However, if you aren’t aiming for a career in the legal profession, studying law is still valuable on your CV; in many positions, a basic understanding of law is a distinct advantage.

Course Description

AS Units
LAW01 – The English Legal System
LAW02 – Introduction to Criminal Liability and Contract Law

These Year 12 units involve learning about how laws are made and who can make a law. They explore how courts make sure laws are followed, and who is involved in our courts. Later on, you apply this knowledge to both criminal and contract law, thinking like a lawyer as you explain the likely outcome of a particular case.

A2 Units
LAW03 – Criminal Law (Offences against the Person)
LAW04 – Criminal Law (Offences against Property) and Concepts of Law

In these Year 13 units you will look at more serious crimes like murder and manslaughter as well as crimes to do with possessions like theft and robbery. The course covers all aspects of the crimes and again you must be able to deal with problem questions. You will address deeper questions too about whether the law is fair or does what it’s supposed to do.


AS Assessment
Unit No Description % of paper Duration
LAW01 How laws are made. What happens in criminal and civil courts? 50% of AS, 25% of overall A-Level 90 mins EXAM only
LAW02 What is a contract? How the law deals with violent offences. 50% of AS, 25% of overall A-Level 90 mins  EXAM only

Unit No Description % of paper Duration
LAW03 Murder, manslaughter and the defences of them. 50% of A2, 25% of overall A-Level 90 mins  EXAM only
LAW04 Theft, robbery, burglary and blackmail. Is the law fair? Is it moral? 50% of A2, 25% of overall A-Level 120 mins EXAM only
 A2 Assessment

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE English Language/Literature: B – Your ability to write concisely and with a high level of spelling, punctuation and grammar is imperative.

Career Progression

Obviously the study of Law could be considered your first steps into a legal career. This is a far more varied field than you might imagine: lawyers themselves are split into numerous areas of expertise including criminal, contract, land and even sports law. There is a huge variety of roles within the legal system and a law degree would benefit any one of them. Outside of law itself, the skills you develop taking this subject (organisation, logical thinking, communicating concisely) are highly valued in any field. Law graduates often go into management and leadership roles because of the broad set of valuable skills the subject develops.